In 2022 I was hired by Method Studios to design the armor that animates on in this ad for Black Panther:Wakanda Forever and Mastercard.
I worked directly with the Method team to explore various approaches inspired by the Black Panther design aesthetic.  After my final design was approved I handed it off to be animated by another team member.
Armor Design Elements
Agency: McCann     Director: Child     Production Company: De La Revolucion
Creative Director / VFX On-Set Supervisor: Cris Blyth
VFX Supervisor: Ivan Guerrero
Associate VFX Supervisor: Alex Cheparev
Data Wrangler: David Sudd
Flame Lead: Christopher Hunt
Associate Creative Director: Ivan Girard
CG Supervisor: Brian Dinoto
FX Supervisor: Tomas Slancik
VFX Assist: Thomas Karras
Senior FX Artist: Scott Hubbard
FX TD: David Derwin
Compositing Supervisor: Beaucard-Gerard Andal, Kyle-Christian Andal
Senior Compositor: Frank Fieser
Flame Artist: David Forcada
Nuke Compositor: Rodolfo Pereia
Designer: Chris Fitzgerald, Andrew Hess, Andrew Paulus, Kevin Sanchez
Managing Director: Jesse Kurnit
Executive Producer: Hayley Wallach
Senior Producer: Anna Butler
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