Observe how all things are continually being born of change; teach yourself to see that nature’s highest happiness lies in changing the things that are, and forming new things after their kind. Whatever is, is in some sense the seed of what is to emerge from it.
Marcus Aurelius | Meditations | Book IV, 36

The idea of growth and change in everything from the microscopic to the cosmic level is something that has always inspired me. It is amazing to look, hear and feel a world that truly does not cease to change from the cells in your body to those of distant galaxies. I find nothing more awe inspiring then dwelling on the incalculable number of variables which forever change inside ourselves and the world around us.

Using geometry as complex as I could imagine in an animation is something I have always wanted to do but for many years I did not know how to accomplish it on a large scale. Projects I have worked on in recent years allowed me to gain experience to finally be able to animate this idea which I originally sketched out a few years back.
Once I had a pretty decent basis for the overall timing of the piece, I created the music in Cubase using various synths and audio sounds and recordings that I captured.

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