In 2022 I worked with OpenAi and Kornhaber Brown to create a video for DALL·E 2, an AI sytem that creates images from text prompts.
The version seen above is a directors cut that I created early on that has much more moving pieces and layers then the more stripped down and clean final video seen on OpenAi's website.
I was hired as lead animator by Kornhaber Brown and developed the style seen above along with a number of the animations. After exploring the initial style seen here in the directors cut, I worked with a team of 2 other animators, Camilla Loureiro and Guilherme Espindola to build out the remaining scenes of the video and simplify the approach to create what is seen in the final video on OpenAi's website.

Motion Explorations
This was one of the 1st motion tests I created for how to visualize DALLE creating an image from a text prompt.
Alternate version on white background

Initial Style Frame Explorations

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