Rob Jones is a retired Marine Corps Sergeant who lost both his legs in Afghanistan when he stepped on an IED. Rob did a marathon consisting of 31 consecutive days, each in a different city, starting in London, then heading to the U.S. and part of Canada and ending in Washington D.C.
He ran the 31 consecutive marathons not only to give back by donating money to the nonprofit military charities that helped him recover from his injuries, but also by raising awareness around the country about the active and retired men and women of the military.
In order to help create some basic branding for his RV that was on location at each of the marathons, Rob asked if I would be interested in making a banner for him after I reached out and offered to help. I first heard of Rob on the Jocko Podcast, one of my favorite podcasts.
It was a great honor and a privilege to create something for Rob's mission which continues to raise awareness about the many veterans of the U.S. who serve their communities. I found it incredibly inspirational to run a short distance alongside Rob (even though he lapped me twice!) when he stopped through New York City during the marathons and it taught me that any human being, no matter their difficulty or path in life, can begin to improve at any point in time the moment they discipline themselves to do so. 

Check out Rob's continuing Journey here:
Instagram: @robjonesjourney

Some of the photos from Rob's Instagram: @robjonesjourney
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